Fashion Advice 101: How to Wear a Bodycon Dress

Fashion Advice 101: How to Wear a Bodycon Dress

We all have that one piece of clothing in our wardrobe that we absolutely love but that never makes it out the door because it makes us feel a little bit too self-conscious.

If you feel like this about your bodycon dress, it's time to learn how to overcome these feelings.

Keep reading and discover our six essential tips on how to wear a bodycon dress!

1. Pick a Thick Fabric

Choosing a bodycon dress that's made of thin material is halfway to accentuating areas of your body you might not want to accentuate. Thicker materials, on the other hand, help flatter your body, as they are much more structured.

2. Wear a Pair of High Heels

Bodycon dresses look very elegant and most flats don't really go with that vibe.

Instead, go for a nice pair of pumps or stilettos. If you can't walk in these type of shoes, going for some platforms is a more comfortable alternative. Either way, a pair of heels will not only upgrade your whole look but make your legs look even better (and slimmer) than before.

3. Don't Go Overboard with the Accessories

Again, to go with the elegant style of your dress, it's better to keep it simple and choose one or two statement accessory pieces, instead of many average ones. A pair of shiny earrings for a formal night, an oversized handbag for a casual look or a crazy necklace for a night out with the girls are three ideas.

Whatever you go for, let the dress shine be the star!

4. Wear Shaping Underwear

Oh, the difference shapewear can make when you wear such a tight dress.

If there's a part of your body you feel self-conscious about, try to find a shaping undergarment that conceals it. Or even if you just want to look curvier than you look naturally: wear the right shapewear and no will be able to tell!

5. Layer It Up

Having a second layer will make you feel a lot more comfortable and, once again, upgrade the look even further. Some options that can never go wrong are a nice blazer for work, a cardigan for a day-to-day look or a denim jacket if you want to be a bit edgier.

Keep in mind that the coat should be as tasteful as the dress, try to pick colours that match and you'll end up with a stylish outfit.

6. Wear a Belt

By accentuating your waist, you'll make your whole body appear curvier, which always makes your bodycon dress look even better. Plus, if your dress is monocoloured, a belt (or even a bandana) will the outfit a nice twist.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress: However You Feel Most Confident!

The tips we just listed will help you finally rock the bodycon dress you've had in your wardrobe and never had the guts to wear. But the best way of making it look amazing is by wearing confidently. And that's all up to you!

So experiment with accessories, shoes, hairstyles and jackets and learn how to wear a bodycon dress your own way.

Did all this bodycon talk make you want to go shopping for a new one? Check our bodycon dresses and get ready to look and feel stunning!


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