5 Styling Tips for Long Sleeve Dresses

5 Styling Tips for Long-Sleeve Dresses

Style Tips for Long-Sleeve Dresses

Following these five basic styling tips will ensure a woman not only looks good, but conveys the intended message with what she is wearing.

1. Wear Sheer Sleeves
Women seeking a more youthful and sexy look should look for a dress with sheer sleeves. Sheer sleeves set the dress apart and give it a more modern and updated style.

A fashionable way to accessorize this outfit is with catchy cuff bracelets and a bold cocktail ring. The accessories themselves will provide the dress a more modern look, as well. Polish off the ensemble with sequined stiletto closed-toe heels, a mildly conservative and very ladylike choice.

Of course, solid sleeves are always appropriate and a more traditional choice.

2. Wear Hemlines Short or Necklines Low
Short hemlines are more modern and a nice contrast to the style of dress, which is considered to be rather modest. A short hemline, much like a lower neckline, gives a sense of balance to this dress.

It is important to note that a short hemline is considered slightly above knee-length. Women who prefer to be more daring may shorten the hemline a bit more to mid-thigh length, but in this case the much shorter hemline should be paired with a jacket or solid sleeves to preserve a somewhat conservative air of the ensemble.

Women wearing long-sleeve dresses to work may consider dresses with loose sleeves and a more conservative hemline.

3. Choose the Right Color
Wearing a long-sleeve dress that is white, which is not considered a bold color, is a bold statement for this modest dress. To avoid a sterile appearance of the stark coloring, pair the dress with bold colored accessories. Wearing black or royal blue heels is a good pairing, or perhaps a bolder lipstick or red thin belt with a matching pair of stiletto sandals.

Choosing a colored long-sleeve dress not only may convey a woman’s attitude, but also affect the feelings of those around her. Muted colors may produce a calming effect, while bolder colors will get a woman noticed for good reason, as long as the look is not overloaded with excess accessories.

red open back scrunch irregular bodycon dress
red open back scrunch irregular bodycon dress

4. Choose the Right Shoes and Accessories
Pair this dress with pumps, either closed or peep-toe, that have a minimum of a 2-inch heel. A closed heel is the more traditional choice with a long-sleeved dress; however, it conveys an air of conservatism. Open-toed shoes are a very practical and appropriate choice as well. Evening sandalsmay be worn, if the occasion calls for it.

For accessories, wearing a single color long-sleeve dress gives a woman the chance to experiment with more sophisticated necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Adding just the right accessories in the right amount will add stability to the outfit and polish off the entire look. A woman choosing a longer or more elaborate necklace should opt for a more conservative earring choice, such as a studded earring. A bold cocktail ring will catch the attention of both men and women. Keeping jewellery to a minimum is the ultimate choice for a classic look.

The proper hairstyle also will play a role in completing a look. A hairstyle should complement the way the woman is feeling, as well as complement the purpose of wearing the dress. A hairstyle appropriate for the office can be very different than a hairstyle appropriate for a night on the town. A traditional hairstyle paired with a long-sleeve dress is the bun. Properly styled wavy or straight hair is a good choice for corporate meetings and events.

5. Find the Right Fit
It is of utmost importance for a woman to find a dress that fits her proportions properly. Long-sleeve dresses worn for day events and occasions may be worn with a more comfortable fit, while those worn in the evening tend toward a more fitted cut.

Designers produce long-sleeve dresses for regular, petite, and plus-size women. A properly fitting dress will flatter any body type.


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